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Friday, October 7, 2011

القبـة الحـديديـة | IRon DoMe | כיפת ברזל

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Product Name : Iron Dome
Title : Short Range Artillery Rocket Defense

Iron dome system :: developed in partnership between Rafael industry and the US Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) in part with US funding.
The radar :: Can distinguish between threats to a populated area and incoming rockets that will hit open ground, avoiding firing interceptors unnecessarily, and preventing the enemy.

Iron Dome has three central components:

Detection & Tracking Radar: the radar system is built by Elta, an Israeli defense company
Battle Management & Weapon Control (BMC): the control center is built by mPrest Systems, an Israeli software company, for Rafael
Missile Firing Unit: the unit launches the Tamir interceptor missile, equipped with electro-optic sensors and several steering fins for high maneuverability. The missile is built by Rafael
The system's radar: identifies the rocket launch, calculates its trajectory, and transfers this information to the control center, which then uses this information to determine the projected impact location. If the projectile constitutes a threat, then an interceptor missile is fired to detonate the rocket far from the impact area.
Tamir Missile:

20 missile Launcher:

Iron Dome radar EL/M-2084:

Specifications -::- more design mobility
  • The Radar developed by Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI)
  • Range : 4 : 70 km at all weather conditions (low clouds, rain, dust storms or fog. ).
  • Covered (protected) area : capable of protecting an urban area of approximately 150 square kilometers
  • Interceptor missile : 155 mm, 3 m, 90 km Tamir missile with EO guidance interception rockets
  • Interciption time : It takes about 15 seconds for Iron Dome to detect, identify and fire its missiles.
  • Each battery has 3 launchers and equipped with 20 Tamir interceptors
  • Cost ::Each interceptor missile costs $40,000 to $50,000 ($46,000).>> ( $100,000 "Israeli Press")
  •  The cost of a set of Iron Domes is $100,000
  • The Iron Dome system costs $15 million
Till the end of 2012, Israel plans to produce four more sets of the Iron Dome. Therefore the cost will be $220 million dollars!"
  • The radar :: Developed by Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI), Can distinguish between threats to a populated area and incoming rockets that will hit open ground, avoiding firing interceptors unnecessarily, and preventing the enemy.

      How Iron Dome Works

      The system was specially designed to avoid collateral damage by detonating the target warhead outside the defended area preventing target debris from falling in that area.
      The Iron Dome consists of a tracking radar, battle management system and a launchers were each placed a few kilometers from one another on desert terrain.

      ------ Interactive Content to know how Iron dome work get it ; if u cann't c it at -----
      Limitations -::-
      Dr. Oded Amichai, who worked for Rafael, says: "Iron Dome destroyed eight grad missiles, But there are some limitations.
      1. For Tamir Missile the detection and launch time is (15:30 sec) and the Qassam missile take (15:30 sec) which mean that they lose the main aim of the iron dome which is the interciption at enemy land
      2. Iron Dome, which Protect Beer-Sheva, cannot be used to protect Ofakim, another area.
      3. There is also the issue of the cost of the Iron Dome. One missile costs $46,000  dollars!
      4. The interception of  one Successive Qassam Missile ( $200 ) with on Tamir missile  Cost
      5. The elimination of eight grads BM-21, BM-12 (already launched) cost Israel $640,000!
      Which mean that the Iron Dome cann't defend of Israeli Settlements against successive Qassam rockets
      Latest -::-
      “Israel Defense” reports that three countries are interested in procuring the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system, which proved its operational capability earlier this year. Two Asian countries are actively examining the system, made by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., and military representative may soon visit Israel for a demonstration.
      A defense official told “Israel Defense”, “There is a potential market of hundreds of millions of dollars.”

      A US expert team is due to shortly arrive in Israel to examine Iron Dome. “The Americans understand that this is the only solution against rockets and mortars threatening local forces around the world,” the source said.

      India in talks to buy Iron Dome

      In March 2011, the Israeli military said that the first deployed system, near Beer Sheva,
      In April 2011, another system was deployed near Ashkelon.
      On 31 August 2011, the IAF deployed a third Iron Dome battery outside Ashdod

      Finally ::
      الجنرال غادي ايزينكوت قائد المنطقة العسكرية الشمالية، مفرا من كشف حقيقة "أن لا أحد سيبسط مظلة واقية فوق رأس كل "إسرائيلي"  أما "القبة الحديدية" فقد تكون مهمتها حماية الجيش "الإسرائيلي" وليس حماية المدنيين.
      Gen. Gadi Isinkot , leadeer of north military aria
      Dr. Oded Amichai, an Israeli expert on homefront defense " Is it the best defense umbrella?"
      Dr. Oded Amichai argues that he has an alternative idea: The 'SkyGuard', his system based on lasers. It does not have any limitations. Any kind of missile will not be able to travel outside the Gaza Strip. It will be destroyed, by melting, in Gaza's sky. The homefront will be saved from the attacks. Israel's sky will be totally clean!
      Dr. Amichai also argues that the costs of SkyGuard are low. One SkyGuard is only $2,000. The SkyGuard system, which Israel needs to defend its homefront, will cost only $500,000. "My idea is to build a defense wall based on lasers which will prevent any missile from leaving Gaza. The laser is fast, low cost and it will destroy the enemy's missile by melting it!" Dr. Amihi and the Homefront Shield, a group that he is a member of, are waiting for a response from the Israeli security defense's establishment. Dr. Amichai has quite an important mission!
      For more about Sky Guard
      For more about Qassam Missiles


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