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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

how to create your own private rapidleechers using hacked server

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Rapidleech : how to create your own private rapidleechers using hacked server

Here are some steps you could follow in order to find hacked servers with phpshell backdoors hosted in it , and to upload Rapidleech script on the hacked servers by yourself.

1.finding phpshell backdoors

There are many kinds of phpshells out there , and what we are gonna do is to find them using some Google Dorks :P . Based on my own experiences, the most powerful google dork syntax to find those phpshells is by using “allintext” syntax , which will simply grab any sites with your desired text on its content. If you’ve been familiar enough with phpshells , you must have known what ‘s the main characteristic on phpshells themselves , you should know what kind of texts should be appeared on phpshells ;) . Just let’s go straight to the dork :

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allintext:”Safe-mode: OFF (not secure)”

The google dork above will find any type of phpshells , c99 , r57 , or even c100 ? :P you’ll simply get ‘em all ;) And of course, it’s not the only way to get phpshells by google dorking , there are still many working google dorks to find those shits ;) , just be creative , okay ? :)

2.Upload the script!

Just go get yourself rapidleech script , which can be downloaded on You’ll get it downloaded as *.zip or *.rar files. Since most of phpshells hosted in hacked *nix servers , it means you can’t extract *.zip/*rar there. The recognized compressed archive filetype in *nix should be *.tar , *.tar.gz or *.tar.bz2. So , all you have to do is extract the *.zip/*.rar files , and then convert it back to *.tar files .If you don’t know how to do it , just go get yourself a guide to Linux command lines ..LOL

After you get yourself the rapidleech.tar file , now you should explore the phpshells you just already got. In order to get your script uploaded , you must find any directory with 777 permissions on it (as long as it’s still under webserver’s directory) , which means it enables you to read,write, and execute scripts on it. You can find them by using the linux command :

find / -type d -perm 777

Then you’ll get the list of any writable directories! And then change your current working directory to the directory with 777 permission on it(eg. /var/wwwroot/ And then upload your rapidleech.tar ! and get it extracted ! :D

Now you could access your rapidleech on . It’s just that simple

. :P



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