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Sunday, September 4, 2011

9-pointer strategy to surpass other Bloggers in your niche

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Ever wondered why particular bloggers become famous in less time and why particular blogs get dramatically more traffic in small span of time??? Then, you are at right place. Most of such bloggers have a well planned Blogging strategy which makes them achieve their goals faster than others. They have a good mix of SEO, reader interaction and reputation for their blogs which enables them to surpass other bloggers in their niche.
I kept a close look at the activities of such bloggers and now, presenting you the 9-pointer strategy to surpass other bloggers in your niche.

9 pointer Strategy :

Work on the 9-pointer strategy below and I am sure you can easily bypass other Bloggers in your niche.
1. Unique content and Creativity:
This is going to occupy position in every list of blogging tips. We have no alternative to Unique content. Try your best to include at least 2-3 unique points in your content. Stop repeating the same points which are found on other blogs in your niche. Use your creativity. Everytime, before hitting the “Publish” button, ask yourself “Why will visitor read my article and not other’s article???”. If you’ve got the answer to this question, it’s the time to hit on “Publish”.
2. Close look at their topics and Better Articles:
Note the topics which are popular on other blogs in your niche. Research on that topic using Google and develop an article which is far better than the article on the niche blog. Post it on your blog and also, if possible, linkback to this article from the niche blog. You can use Commenting and Guest Posting for linking back.
3. SEO a.k.a Search Engine Optimization:
You want to get more traffic than other bloggers in your niche. Right??? Then work on SEO to get good amount of organic traffic from search engines. Organic traffic can work wonders in building your blog readership. Research on the keywords for which the other bloggers are getting decent traffic from Google. Start working on SEO for the same keywords. This will take time, but the end result will declare you as the winner.
4. Backlinks:
You want to rank higher than your buddy bloggers in Google search. Backlinks play a major role in SERP. So, use BacklinkWatch to check for all possible backlinks to their blogs. Put an effort to get the same backlinks to your blog. Plus, you have to get backlinks from other blogs too. This will increase your backlinks count taking your result ahead of your buddy bloggers in Google search.
5. Use social networks:
Connect with your buddy bloggers on social networks. Social network is a great place to develop relationships and to foster your business. Try to be helpful to other bloggers in your niche. Yes, they are your competitors, but make sure the competition is healthy!!! Also, take time to connect with your readers on Facebook and Twitter. This will help in bridging the “stranger-gap” between you and your readers, helping in building loyal readership for your blog.
6. Guest post/comment on niche:
You want to drive traffic from top blogs in your niche. So, the best way is to start Guest Posting on such blogs. Make sure you add an attractive “Author-Bio” section with a link to your blog. But, it is not possible to Guest Post everywhere. At such times, commenting does the trick. Try your best to add valuable points to the discussion and also find your place in Top Commentators widget. You can refer my article on How to post an efficient comment.
7. Prove them wrong:
Take a close look at each post of bloggers in your niche with a view to find errors in their opinions. Once you get such error, post an article on your blog on the same topic and correct the mistake done by your niche blogger. This will no doubt, proclaim your superiority over the buddy blogger. But, make sure that you handle this point in a friendly manner as you are more probable of harming relations with such bloggers.
8. Presentation and Personal lingo:
Another important trick is to develop your own style of writing articles and using the same style throughout your blog. This will make readers addicted to your posts and they will return to your blog, even if they find the same information elsewhere on web. So, in short, article presentation format does the trick over here. Also, developing your own personal lingo highlights your articles from the rest.
9. Develop your Blogger reputation:
Develop yourself as a Brand in your niche. We know several great bloggers like Darren Rowse known as ProBlogger and Brian Clark known as CopyBlogger who have demonstrated the importance of this point. I know this is not done within a fortnight. But, nothing comes an easy way in Blogging. Refer my article on How to develop your Blogger Reputation to get yourself a reputation as a successful blogger.
So friends, this was the 9-Pointer strategy which can help you in building your loyal readership and surpassing other bloggers in your niche.
Got any other tip which is useful to surpass other blogggers??? Please share it with us in comments.


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