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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zumwalt DD(X) Stealthy Class Destroyer / Multi-Mission Surface Combatant

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Next Generation destroyer

Introduction -::-
The Zumwalt class destroyer is a key part of the U.S. Navy's 21st Century Surface Combatant (SC-21) Program. Conceive of warships capable of delivering next-generation functionality. The SC-21 Program describes a family of ships designed to fight more effectively in littoral operations, which are those conducted close to the shore. SC-21 ships will need to function equally well out in the open ocean. The key is versatility, with ships in the SC-21 family able to handle virtually any mission, from wartime missions in land attack and undersea warfare to noncombatant evacuations to presence, escort and diplomatic missions.
The SC-21 family includes a destroyer class and a cruiser class of ships. The destroyer class was originally designated DD 21, and to bring the first ships in the class to life, the Navy introduced a four-phase development process to produce DD 1000

Capabilities -::-
The DDG 1000 will be multi-mission, capable of providing forward deterrence and presence, and an integral part of joint and combined expeditionary forces. But unlike today's destroyers, the primary mission of the DDG 1000 will be land attack support for ground forces. In fact, one of its most important requirements is all-weather, long-range missile-firing capabilities in support of USMC amphibious operations. That means the DDG 1000 will need to operate efficiently in shallow coastal waters - not in quick, hit-and-run missions, but in engagements that may last days or weeks.
Having a persistent presence in littoral areas is one of the most important design requirements of the Zumwalt class destroyers. Now let's look at some of the ship's other requirements, as outlined by Navy planners:


While cruising in hostile waters near an enemy's coastline, the DDG 1000 can expect attacks from cruise missiles and small boats. Clearly, it will need to effectively defend against these threats, as well as those from submarines and surface mines. It will also need to have systems in place to minimize damage caused by missile strikes.


It may seem impossible to make a 600-foot long ship invisible to the enemy, but that's one of the DDG 1000's most important requirements. That means the ship will need to dampen engine noise and reduce the amount of electromagnetic energy (radar and infrared, for example) that it reflects to enemy detectors.


From the beginning, Navy planners envisioned the DDG 1000 as an all-electric ship to meet ever-increasing power demands. Approximately 80 megawatts of electricity - nearly 10 times the power available on today's Arleigh-Burke class destroyers - will power all of the major systems of the ship, including gun turrets. The electric motor designed to power the propellers will be one of the most advanced in the world, capable of maintaining a top speed of 30 knots.

Characteristics -::-
  • Length 600 ft
  • Beam 80.7 ft
  • Draft 27.6 ft
  • Speed 30 Kt
  • Displacement 14.564 LT
  • Installed Power 78 MW
  • Crew Size 142 (incl. Aviation detachment)

  1. S-Band VSR
  2. X-Band MFR
    The Zumwalt DBR integrates S-band and X-band radar capabilities in a single system. It delivers true multi function performance, simultaneously supporting self-defense/anti-air warfare, situational awareness, land attack, naval gunfire support, surface search, navigation and air traffic control. The DBR’s innovative software design allows automatic operation with minimal human intervention.
  • HF & MF Bow Sonar Arrays
  • Multi-Function Towed Array
  • EO/IR System
  • ES System
  • MH60R and (3) VTUAVs (capacity for 2 MH 60Rs)

Integrated Power System

  • (2) Main Turbine Generators
  • (2) Auxiliary Turbine Generators
  • (2) 34.6 MW Advanced Induction Motors
  • Integrated Fight Through Power
Dual Band Radar (DBR)
  • MFR land-based testing complete
  • VSR final array assembly complete
The advanced MK57 Vertical Launching System can accommodate both existing and future missiles for land attack, anti-ship, anti-submarine and anti-air warfare. Its modular electronic architecture allows the Zumwalt Destroyer faster, more economical migration to new missile systems by minimizing the need to requalify the launcher for every new missile, or to modify launcher control software and hardware.
  • (2) AGS 155 mm guns
To achieve an increased rate of fire and improved lethality while reducing operational crew headcount, the Zumwalt Class Destroyer will employ the Advanced Gun System (AGS). A battery of two 155mm AGSs, firing-rocket assisted Long-Range Land Attack Projectiles (LRLAP) will provide precision strikes and volume fire at a range of up to 83 nautical miles. This system is equivalent to twelve 155mm howitzers and will see a three fold improvement in naval surface fire coverage when compared to current capabilities.
  • (600) 155 mm rounds
  • (2) 57 mm close in guns Torpedo Defence (space reservation)
  • Anti-Terrorism (Space Reservation)
  • (2) 7m RHIBs (sized for (2) 11m RHIBs)
Capable to land two helicopters at a time

Zumwalt DD(X) Stealthy Class Destroyer / Multi-Mission Surface Combatant


Advanced Gun System AGS
Surface Volume Fires
Automated Magazine
Up to 100 mile land attack projectile

Integrated Undersea Warefare

In-Stride Mine Avoidance

Dual Freq Sonar Bow

Array Multi-Function Towed Array MFTA

Torpedo Countermeasure

Deck House

Constructed of rugged, lightweight composites, the angular deckhouse increases stealth by minimizing radar reflectance. The surfaces of the Zumwalt’s deckhouse incorporate all radar apertures and communication antennas, eliminating high-profile masts and rotating antennas.

Hull and Mobility

Improved Survivability

Hybrid Double Hull

30 lit Sustained Speed

Hanger both Heba & UAV

Stern Boat Launch

Integrated power system

Increased Operational and Design Flexibility

LM2500 & LM500 Gaa Turbine

2 Fixed pitch propeller

Permanent Magnet In-Hull Motor


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