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Friday, December 16, 2011

Cairo Security Camp 2011

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Cairo Security Camp
is an annual event targeting the Information Security Community of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA Region). IT Professionals and security practitioners from throughout the region are invited to attend. Cairo Security Camp 2011 is the first Information Security Conference organized by an Arab Country.
CSCamp Founder: Moataz Salah
Organizers: Security Kaizen Magazine.

Cairo Security Camp 2011


Day 1 – 30th of September 2011:

Keynote: APT Killed the AV Star – Why the Golden Days of Anti-Virus Solutions are Over.

By Chris Brown (Director EMEA Operations NetWitness at RSA The Security Division of EMC).
Chris Brown
PDF Download Presentation of Chris Brown - PDF (138)
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OR -::- Download it here

Securing the Cloud.

By Samer Omar (Middle East Managing Direct at Qualys)
Samer Omar
PDF Download Presentation of Samer Omar - PDF (86)
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 OR -::- Download it here

Handling Incidents Before They Handle You.

By Ahmed El-Ashmawy (Workforce Development Manager at Digital Risk Intelligence)
Ahmed ElAshmawy
PDF Download Presentation of Ahmed Elashmawy - PDF (92)
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 OR -::- Download it here

Data Security Best Practices.

By Dr.Bahaa Hassan (Chairman at ASC Distributor of EC Council Egypt)
Dr.Bahaa Hassan
PDF Download Presentation of Dr. Bahaa Hassan - PDF (95)
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 OR -::- Download it here

Owning the Command and Control : Reverse Engineering Malware.

By Ehab Hussein (Security Manager at TEDATA)
Ehab Hussein
PDF Download Presentation of Ehab Hussein - PDF (138)
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OR -::- Download it here

The Weakest Link.

By Mustafa Elmasry (Security Researcher)
Mustafa Elmasry
PDF Download Presentation of Mustafa Elmasry - PDF (83)
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Day 2 – 1st of October 2011:

Keynote: Towards an Egyptian Framework for CyberSecurity.

By Dr. Sherif Hashem (Senior Advisor to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology for CyberSecurity, and the Executive Vice President of the Information Technology Industry
Development Agency (ITIDA), Egypt)
Dr. Sherif Hashem
PDF Download Presentation of Dr. Sherif Hashem - PDF (79)
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 OR -::- Download it here

SCADA Security, The Emerging Threat.

By Omar Sherin (Critical Infrastructure Information Protection in QCert)
Omar Sherin
PDF Download Presentation of Omar Sherin - PDF (102)
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OR -::- Download it here

Web Threats & Defense in Depth Strategy for Web Servers.

By Mahmoud Tawfik (CEO and Penetration Testing Director) & Mohamed Rabie (IT Security Consultant and Penetration Testing Direcor)
Mahmoud Tawfik Mohamed Rabie
PDF Download Presentation of M. Tawfik & M. Rabie - PDF (114)
Video Open Video
 OR -::- Download it here

Hacking The Economy.

By Osama Kamal (Threat Intelligence Manager)
Osama Kamal
PDF Download: Coming Soon!
Video Open Video – Coming Soon!

Cyber Warfare: The Amplified Great Hacker War.

By Amr Ali (Founder and CRADO/CSO at Databracket)
Amr Ali
PDF Download Presentation of Amr Ali - PDF (64)
Video Open Video
 OR -::- Download it here

New trends in Cybercrime and Digital Forensics Challenges.

By Adel Abdelmoneim (General Manager at Raya Academy)
Adel Abdelmoneim
PDF Download Presentation of Adel Abdelmoneim - PDF (80)
Video Open Video
 OR -::- Download it here

“How Did I Steal Your Database”

By Mostafa Siraj (Application Security Expert at Etisalat)
Mostafa Siraj
PDF Download Presentation of Mostafa Siraj - PDF (81)
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 OR -::- Download it here

Closing Note: The Role of Information Security in the Post-Revolution Economic & Political Development.

By Osama hiji (Head of IT Delivery Security, Infrastructure and Engineering Department at ORANGE) and Ahmed El-Ezabi (Head of Security Engineering in Orange Egypt IT delivery)
Osama hijiAhmed El-Ezabi
PDF Download Presentation of O. Hiji & A. El-Ezabi - PDF (61)
Video Open Video

 Proud to be There and Waiting for CSCamp 2012


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